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Boutique films is a production company based in Slovenia, specialising in providing top-tier services. We operate across the Adriatic region, which offers a tremendous diversity of filming locations. Our ambition is to evolve beyond a simple directory and become the most trusted resource for finding qualified and experienced crew, vendors and dedicated individuals. We understand the wide range of challenges our clients face, and we are well skilled and eager in finding the best solutions. We pride ourselves on making the production process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. With the knowledge gained over the years, we can manage productions of any scale. We are not just your partner, we are Boutique films.

About me

I have been a producer on hundreds of TV commercials for the past 20 years. Cutting my teeth as the assistant director on feature films, short films and documentaries, I’ve become an expert in producing different video content. I was lucky to have worked with some of the most exciting artists, brightest creative minds and the biggest brands in the world. After many years of working at several production companies, I decided to launch my own. It is time to follow my vision.


Alenka Protić
Founder / EP


VW \ ID7
Production \ Film Deluxe
Director \ Susanna White
Dop \ Jan David Gunther

Mercedes \ Mercedes Me
Production \ Le Berg
Director \ Ben Miethke
Dop \ Hunter Daly

VW Passat \ Suspension
Production \ Film Deluxe
Director \ Lutz Hattenhauer
Dop \ Eike Rieche

Peugeot \ e-LVC Range
Production \ Solab
Director \ Romain Chassaing
Dop \ Nico Poulsson

Michelin \ Formula E
Production \ Henry
Director \ Paul Mignot
Dop \ Alexandre Lamarque

Toyota \ HH3
Production \ Markenfilm
Director \ Kosai Sekine
Dop \ Ekkehart Pollack

Audi \ E -tron
Production \ Rogue Films
Director \ Mark Jenkinson
Dop \ Ottar Gudnason

Cafe Royal \ Secret agent
Production \ Markenfilm
Director \ Marc Schölermann
Dop \ Ekkehart Pollack

Cillit Bang \ The Mechanic
Production \ Partizan
Director \ Michael Gracey
Dop \ Carl Nilsson

Flight centre \ Be unbordered
Production \ Partners Film
Director \ Joachim Back
Dop \ Sebastian Blenkov

Renault \ Le trappeur
Production \ Solab
Director \ Herve de Crecy
Dop \ Magnus Jønck

Amstel \ Pass it on
Production \ Blink
Director \ Björn Rühmann
Dop \ Justin Brown

Mini \ Stories
Production \ Tempomedia
Director \ Andre Stringer
Dop \ John Lynch

Mazda cx3 \ Instincts
Production \ Asymetric
Director \ Kacper Larski
Dop \ Oliver Millar

Orange \ Being human
Production \ Grand Bazar
Director \ Katia Lewkowicz
Dop \ Jake Scott

Bmw \ The 7
Production \ Filmate
Director \ Ole Peters
Dop \ Bernd Wondollek

Ferrari \ Portofino
Production \ Carnage
Director \ Konrad Begg
Dop \ Jan Richter-Friis


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